Rencontre avec une australienne

dimanche 18 janvier 2009
par  Alain Roussat

Teaching at Bel Air-Tarare I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to work at this wonderful school for a period of two weeks. As a teacher of English, I was delighted to be of assistance to the school in any way. My lessons consisted mainly of teaching students a little about Australia and in preparing lessons related to text books for the English teachers. The most interesting part of the teaching experience was being able to have many one on one conversations with students in English. It was encouraging to see that students had enjoyed the interaction and that most students were well prepared.

I hope that my services to the school were useful and to the students’ advantage. Above all, I would like to thank the principal, Monsieur Rozier for allowing me to spend two weeks at the school. I am deeply grateful for Frère Gerard Cuinet’s assistance in establishing my connection with the school, and for the friendship and trust that the English teachers Mireille, Damien and Aline displayed towards me. Last but not least, I am truly grateful for the tremendous support and guidance that was offered by Mme Berthilier and her husband to make my stay possible. I hope that I will have another opportunity to visit Tarare and this school in the near future.


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